Track your mood over time using a stress diary and try to identify what makes you most  stressed. Are there patterns? Are you most stressed on a Monday, when you have deadlines, or when you hang out with certain friends? 

Post some of your key stress triggers in the comments below.

This can be a difficult one to deal with – but this is a place where you can share and discuss your problems! If you think certain people may be cuasing you stress, mention it in the comments. You probably aren’t the only one having problems with your friends, family, and colleagues!

This won’t apply to everyone, but some of you may have certain places that make you feel stressed. This might be because of bad memories directly associated with the place, or perhaps because it reminds you of somewhere else. If you have the free PDF bundle, fill in the toxic places word map now!

For this exercise, I want you to support each other! Post something encouraging and uplifting in the comments, reminding everyone else that stress is not something to be ashamed of. It’s human, it’s normal, and in the right circumstances it can even be helpful.

If you only do one exercise today, this is it! List your three biggest triggers in the comments – whether they cause you the most trouble, or pop up the most often. Remember to support everyone else who comments!


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