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Everyone feels stress. And everyone wants to transform their stress into calm.

Over the weekend of 27/28 May, test out fun and unusual methods for taming your stress!

Why less stress?

I used to tell myself that I wasn’t stressed. My panic attacks, hyperventilation problems, and migraines were just passing issues that would go away by themselves. Of course, I wasn’t really fooling myself. That stress was real.

It wasn’t until I finally tackled my stress at the root that I was able to tackle it. I gradually transformed into the calm and happy person I always wanted to be. I learned that a minimum-stress life is a happier, more fulfilling one. I want you to have that too! Learn how to radiate calm that will make the people around you feel jealous. You’ll inspire them to take action themselves!

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My name is Isobel and I want to help you.

This FREE three-day workshop is a chance for you to get my best advice, along with plenty of community support.

Why this workshop?

I know that a lot of you try to prioritize your mental health, but you just can’t find the time. I know what that feels like! Workshops are difficult to attend, books take a long time to read. That’s why I’ve condensed the research of hundreds of experts into a few quick but powerful exercises, available online wherever and whenever suits you.

So many self-help books and programs are also missing a major factor: community. In this workshop, you’ll be tackling your stress alongside an entire community of people. You’ll have support, feedback, and fresh insights into old problems. You’ll also have the chance to help others by sharing your experiences and ideas – all in one easy and convenient online space.

Over the weekend, you’ll start to feel immediate results, but you will also be laying the foundations for long-term change. It’s a long and difficult journey, to be sure, but you won’t be taking it alone. We’re all in this together!

You’ll get:

  • Quick and easy video introductions to different aspects of stress.
  • Practical, actionable tips and advice.
  • Key questions for journaling or sharing with other workshop members.
  • Personal support from me and the rest of the group.
  • A whole new attitude to what’s making you stressed!


The Goodbye Stress workshop won’t take up too much of your time, so don’t worry about any other commitments you have. Besides, it’s going to be fun! With a combination of helpful videos and friendly conversation, it’s practically like spending your weekend on Netflix and Facebook. Just far more useful!

I’m not yet sure when this workshop will run again, so sign up now to avoid missing out! You don’t want to go months more without making a start on tackling your stress. Plus, there are going to be some very special bonuses and prizes available to everyone who participates. You really don’t want to miss this!